mercredi 8 octobre 2014

Tips For Curly Haired Ladies

best hair dryer for curly hair


Discover our tips to pamper, tame and shape your curly hair.
Curly hair!!! I know you really struggle to tame your curls. To sublimate your curly hair, there are a lot of tailored hair care.

A single watchword to treat and look after it: hydrate it! Be it curly or frizzy, it tends to be sensitive and dehydrates quickly. Fragile, it needs to be regularly looked after with the help of the right hair care products.

Curly and Frizzy Hair : The right things to do

Curly or frizzy hair makes the styling process a real ordeal.
You dream of being able to tame your mane, unfortunately you do not have the right techniques under your sleeves to make your curls look the way you want: well-shaped!
Very often, curly or frizzy hair is sensible, fragile and dehydrates quickly. Thus you definitely have to take care of your hair regularly with the help of the right hair care techniques and products if you are not ready to end up having sauerkraut on your head

I have curly frizzy hair, what shall I do ?

To be able to take care of your curly or frizzy hair, you should first think of buying the right shampoo. We recommend you buy shampoos made from shea butter, Moroccan Argan Oil, sweet almond or avocado, particularly well suited to give more moisture to curly or frizzy hair. However, it should be mentioned that some shampoos are made especially for curly or frizzy hair.

 Hair care: masks, oil baths, treating split and damaged ends, rinsing …

All along my tests, I have noticed a lot of hair care techniques that are wonderfully good for curly hair.

best hair dryer for curly hair

1. Spirulina: this high in protein Algae has a softening effect. It also has an enormous ability to form beautiful spring-like curls. You can add it to a mask (henna gloss for example), or even in an oil bath, in your shampoo, in your conditioner … It can be added to every hair care technique.
best hair dryer for curly hair coconut oil

2. coconut milk: used in hair conditionning masks, coconut milk creates spring-like curls! You can mix it with other plant milk or ayurvedic powder to give consistency to the masks.


best hair dryer for curly hair macademia nut oil

3. Macadamia nut oil: this oil is great in oil baths and perfect in rinse-free treatments. Take one little drop, heat it between your palms and apply it to your damp hair. You can also add it to Aloe Vera gel to moisturize and make the spreading easier. This oil strengthens curls and waves as well.


best hair dryer for curly hair honey and apple cider vinegar

4. Honey and apple cider vinegar hair rinse. Put one tea spoon of honey and 8 big table spoons of vinegar (cider, organic, unpasteurized) in one liter of water … And that’s magic! The supporting effect of pectin contained in the vinegar, associated with the hydrating effect of honey gives satisfying results on curly hair. I recommend you dilute honey in the vinegar, and then add water after that. Apple cider vinegar can be found anywhere, but make sure it is organic, and especially unpasteurized.

A plan of attack for creating beautiful curls? We have developed a real strategy for you to help you enjoy great looking hair.  For every step of your hair care, there are techniques to take care and sublimate your curls.

It all starts from the shampoo that has to contain, if possible, nutrients like shea butter, Aloe, sweet almond or avocado. don't make the error of not using hair conditioners and nutritious masks.

Styling your curly hair is made simple with the presence of styling products that will tremendously help you shape and sublimate your curls as well as limit frizzes.
Hair mousse and creams play an important role in giving more body to your hair and shape its curls beautifully. The best is to let your hair air-dry.

In order not to damage your hair, try to avoid repeated blow-drying or permanent straightening. And instead of using fine-toothed comb or brushes, use wide-tooth combs. fine-toothed comb or brushes tend to damage and break the hair.